A few "errors" during update to 5.0

I got these messages but the final output said "Update Complete" in green:

[i] Target: https://hosts-file.net/ad_servers.txt
[✗] Status: Not found
[✗] List download failed: no cached list available

Is that ok?

This is on a Raspberry Pi (it might be version 2?) and with the normal Ubuntu-Mate distribution and is reasonably up to date.

That list is no longer maintained and has been dropped from the Pi-hole defaults offered at startup. Delete this list from your adlists. The current defaults are shown here:

Thank you. I went to the list via the GUI and deleted the hosts-file.net entry but I also have a fifth entry:


The tool tip says it was added today so I'm wondering if the web page you directed me too needs to be updated?

Ok. I think I figured it out. The tool tip in the GUI says today because all of them were added today when I did the upgrade. And the path appears to have been used in v4 but I guess is no longer part of the defaults in v5.

Any reason to disable it or remove it?