being set in docker if only one server set in `PIHOLE_DNS_` env variable

split topic from Conditional Forwarding stops working when I reboot host or restart container - #31 by interconnect

Just to go slightly off topic, is it or that is set if you only set one entry on PIHOLE_DNS_ ? I thought I'd covered that case, perhaps not though! Original pull here

It is just checked.

Thanks - that confirms what is going wrong, i'll take a look at it later!

Actually, silly question - because looking through the code, it shouldn't be doing that...

Can you paste in the output of the startup of your docker container please?

Also the contents of your /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf

Here ya go: docker-pihole-output - Pastebin.com

Here is setupVars.conf: setupVars.conf - Pastebin.com

Sorry could you also do one with only one entry in PIHOLE_DNS_?

Here ya go:

setupVars.conf as well, please!

Sorry, I’ve taken it all down in preparation to move to bare metal.