5,000 GitHub Stars And 10,000 Redditors: Thank You!

Originally published at: https://pi-hole.net/2017/07/20/5000-github-stars-and-10000-redditors-thank-you/

Pi-hole® started as a humble blog post about how to setup an ad-blocking DNS server on a Raspberry Pi. It then evolved into a glorified shell script that ran the commands needed to set everything up. But it was that post, which Lifehacker picked up and the momentum started from there. The rest is history.

Today, Pi-hole runs on several Linux distributions and we have a team of developers working on it in their free time. We could not have come this far with all of you!

We appreciate all the support you give us–it helps keep us motivated and keeps our servers running. We’re looking forward to implementing the features you want.

As always, feel free to reach out to us:.

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