2 pi-holes, same network. one linux box loses internet periodically just on that internet box only when browsing

hi - I'm doing something wrong, I think.

Setup - I have 2 identical Linux boxes - celeron nucs.
I have them set up the same way, with Ubuntu Pro 22.04.
One is We'll call it pihole1. One is We'll call it pihole 2.
Both are ethernet wired separately directly into the network. It goes Fios > Netgear Orbi router > pihole 1 and 2
I have the Netgear Orbi router using as DNS1, as DNS2.
I see traffic on both Pihole admin panels - mainly more on .40 than .39, but both are blocking ads.
I have DOH / cloudflared set up on both. So each pihole admin panel points to
Each Ubuntu box has a static IP set for IPv4. IPv6 is off (IPv6 is off at the router too). Netmask 24, points to the router at For the DNS for static IP each one points to, (whoops, this is a bit inaccurate, see below--). shows DOH active.
DNSSEC activated for both on the pihole admin pages.

Edit -- turns out .39 for the static IP has, for DNS, and .40 for the static IP has, for the DNS -- which setup should I have so I can get to the internet from the linux box while still having pihole work?

Problem -
Pihole works across the network. Blocks ads fine.
When I RDP into I can use the internet on that setup.
When I RDP into the internet is hit or miss. Sometimes I can get to websites, other times not.

So it's some sort of DNS resolution issue for, but I can't figure out what's going on. Maybe I'm getting everything stuck in a loop on that machine?

This should be something easy to fix. I just can't figure out what the fix is.

Thanks in advance.

for pihole .39

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