1 Pi/2 Installs?

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Expected Behaviour:

_When setting up the DNS entries on my router, the router itself won't allow just 1 DNS server. Also, it wont allow the same IP address for both entries. In my case, static IP address for PiHole is 2nd PiHole is

Actual Behaviour:

_ Can PiHole be installed in twice on the same Pi? Static ip on eth0 and static ip on wlan0. Would like to us the 2nd pi for something else.

##Or should i just assign static IP addresses to each on the same pi and 1 install cover both?

Not without using containers.

If you continue to use two Pi-Holes at separate IP addresses, then list them both as you are doing.

If you go to a single Pi-Hole at IP 150, then assign that as the first DNS and pick an unused address on your network and assign that as second DNS.

Another option is to use the Pi-Hole as DHCP server, then you won't have to change any DNS settings on the router.

Hmmm...I have never seen a router that would prevent a single IP address. But there is an option to create a second interface on your pi and set the pi-hole to listen on all interfaces. Then you will have two addresses you can put into your router, the orginal address and the new address.

A commend like:

ifconfig eth0:0

This would create the interface, haven't done this myself but there are plenty of examples you can search for if you search for "virtual network interface Linux"

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