YoutubeTV ads "ad info" block?

Has anyone had any success in blocking YoutubeTV ads? On my recordings, it seems YoutubeTV has built in ads over the top of where normal ads occur. These are harder to fast-forward through, and then the content you want to watch has been fast-forwarded.

I found this post on reddit, but its over a year old and wasn't sure it was still applicable:

Thank you for any insight.

On Android check

Long running thread on this topic.

Thanks! Do you all think this applies to youtubeTV as well?
It’s frustrating to pay $50 and not fast-forward what I want to fast-forward.

I only experience these ads when it's a VOD instead of my "dvr" recording of something.

For me, I was watching a basketball game from the previous night and tried skipping ahead thru commercials on my AppleTv and Roku. In the thumbnail I could see the regular commercials, but when I hit play I would see "Ad Info" in the top left. So annoying!!

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