Xbox One YouTube app still shows ads

Expected Behaviour:

Xbox One YouTube app should not show ads

Actual Behaviour:

Xbox One YouTube app still shows ads

Debug Token:

Not at home but will get one when I can!


Pi-Hole is working beautifully with my Windows 10 laptops - all ads are blocked and it's awesome! However the YouTube app on my Xbox One still shows ads even though Pi-Hole detects the device and everything is on the one subnet ( Any idea no how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance!

This is a difficult challenge with a DNS ad blocker like Pi-Hole. Here is a very lengthy thread on this topic:

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I would say about 80% of the ads in YouTube is blocked on Xbox One, mostly the ones that are embedded in the middle of a long program. I still see ads at the beginning of shorter videos almost all of the time. I was watching a 4 hour reply of a live stream that had 9 ad markers in it and none played.

Any type of reduction is better than none in my book.

Thanks guys - yes I read through that long thread (or another one) and understand DNS alone can't solve this problem. It does sound like an HTTP proxy solution is what we'll need moving forward. But I agree, 80% is a very good result indeed (provided I get that here in Australia). Cheers, the troll.

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