Wierd happenings with IP numbers and /etc/hosts file

This one is weird.

I'm not looking for answers. This is more just a case of reporting something weird happening.

The lay of the land:


I read a thread about better identifying devices by their names and not IP numbers by editing the /etc/hosts file.

Did that. Not really needed as most of my stuff is STATIC IP. But to look nice.

Ah, I need to reboot it. (It is headless and not in a nice position for access)

Remotely rebooted it.

It didn't come back to life. I tried PINGing it. No avail.

Unplugged it, brought it to the "desktop".
Plugged in monitor, keyboard mouse.

Powered up.

It boots. Ok...... Weird. Reboot. (Just in case)
Reboots ok too.

Ok. It happens. Put it back. Plug it all in (network cable and power) walk back.
Not seeing it.

Get it back to the desk. This time I'll plug in the network too. Just to be sure.

Done. Open a terminal.


IP address:

Yeah. Right. Dunno how that happened.
Checked the /etc/hosts file. Correct IP address there.

All good now. But that is weird.


I don't understand the reply.

It should have been and I saw What happened to the 6? Who knows.

I should have taken a screen shot to prove it. But honestly: I don't need to prove it.
That is what it was and why I couldn't see it on my network at its normal address.

Its now fixed and working.