Wider boxed layout

currently the boxed layout is 1250px which is not wide enough to show the query log without a scrollbar if it would be widened to lets say 1400px or 1500px it would still be boxed and not to wide but more user friendly on bigger screens and smaller ones will still be responsive so nothing changes.
I was thinking about doing it local but as I played around I realized It would be best if this is changed for everyone.


Have you tried deselecting the "boxed layout" and then change the browser window width to something that is comfortable for you on your screen?

Here is the boxed layout on a 3360x1890 monitor:

Same screen size, but no boxed layout:

Same layout, but the browser window resized to smaller:

Please post some screen captures of what you are seeing on your screen.

It looks almost the same on my screen except that I use an ultra wide so without the resize it gets very wide. I just don't want to resize my browser window for just one website.
I was just thinking setting the boxed size to a width that fits the application for everyone would make sense, if this not wanted that's ok for me I can change it locally for myself.

A 1280P monitor is quite common. I suspect that is why we have 1250 for the default width (but have not reviewed the code change history to confirm this).

Are you talking about a horizontal scrollbar on the Query Log page?

Can you paste a screenshot, if possible?

Sorry it took me so long
I use an ultra wide screen with 3440x1440 resolution and it looks like that
but it looks the same on my secondary monitor which has a resolution of 2560x1440

My thought was if I have enough space the minimum boxed width should be one which
shows the site without scrollbars.

This is caused by the combination of relatively long domain names and a long client name.

I created a Github issue and a PR to fix it.

in some cases (specially in small screens) it's not possible to avoid the horizontal scrollbar, but new code should fix this in desktops using boxed layout.

I still think the boxed layout could be wider, with the resolutions we have today but word wrapping will mitigate the problem for now thank you.

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