Why not distribute with package managers?

Hi, love what you are doing, pi-hole is a great product, and an absolute necessity for me.

That being said: I wish you would move away from the install script. While the script itself seems mostly fine, it is just not the preferred way to do distribution/installation.

The install script:

  • Is snowflake way of dealing with installation that makes things harder for sysadmins and users
  • Is less secure, partly because you manually maintain dependencies in the script for several distros, partly because it requires root privileges and curls binaries from the internet and runs them
  • Changes systemwide configurations which should really be up to the user (lighttpd)
  • Needs to support multiple package managers in one file
  • Is harder to write, since you need to reinvent the package management wheel
  • Is currently hard to read, which means it is
  • -> 1. Harder to maintain by maintainers
  • -> 2. Harder to vet by users

A package manager based installation enables easier configuration of machines and I guarantee it will help adoption. It is also the only sane long-term solution.

I’m sure you could refactor the install script by removing the important bits to use in separate packages.
Perhaps the install script could live on as a configuration script?

Any progress towards this would be good, I understand that this is a big change.

Thank you