Whitelisting for specific devices

I've come across an issue when trying to use the CBS All Access app on my AppleTV. The app will not work with any sort of ad-blocker, including pi-hole. There is a reddit thread on what needs to be unblocked, but I don't want to open up my entire network to the domains. My other option is to turn off pi-hole when watching CBS All Access, which works, but it's a pain, and I don't want to have to intervene if family members want to watch.

So, how can I just unblock the domains for my AppleTVs? I see from my search that this feature has been requested before, but the only solution I've seen is turning off pi-hole.

Thanks in advance for any help.

You cannot selectively whitelist by client without a Pi-Hole software change. You have several options available now:

  1. Put the Apple TV on a DNS other than Pi-Hole.

  2. Use a separate instance of Pi-Hole for the Apple TV, and tailor the blocklists for that device.

That is why it is in the Feature Request topic :smiley: I know others have requested the ability to taylor by client, so just figured it can't hurt to add to the pile.

Your feature request also asked for help.

make a /etc/dnsmasq.d/no-pihole.conf



xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx = mac address

If you have a MikroTik router, or any other router with the same capabilities, you could use a whitelisting rule for your IP addresses. I created some automated commands for my MikroTik which allows users to bypass filtering on the fly by visiting a specific URL.

I posted here Temporary bypass by IP address

Covered by this request Exclude certain LAN addresses from filtering - #28 by DL6ER - Actively under development apparently.

Good deal. I can work with one of the workarounds until then.

Implemented in pihole v5.0 via Group management.