Whitelist still being blocked


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Expected Behaviour:

Google play store would download the apps

Actual Behaviour:

I cant download anything in my google app store i checked my pi-hole and it was blocking “play.googleapis.com” i tried to white-list it then i can download after i update my pi-hole list “play.googleapis.com” get blocked again even tho i white-list it. i tried flushing the dns and changing it from Quad9 to google but still and the block list i have does not include any play.googleapis.com on them

Debug Token:



try to white list the following

pihole -w android.clients.google.com

more info can be found at the following link


android.clients.google.com is already on my white-list i checked before posting about the common whit-list but still


Did you try to add the other 2 things in the link,
I got those also in my white list and I’m able to access the play store.


yes all the common whitelist links are on my pihole the problem is “play.googleapis.com” i whitlist it and it worked but if the blacklist updated the “play.googleapis.com” getting blocked and it is still on my whitelist


Not sure if it’s already fixed,
But white listing on the web page was or still is borked.


Whitelist on top and the logs down


But did you white list them using the webpage or console ?
Remove them from the webpage,
Then add them with the console.
And then check again.


i did both i reinstall the pihole everything works great now thank you

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