Whitelist not working correctly


Some … have added drive.google.com and googleapis.com to a blocklist (openphish & StevenBlack).
This couses that google drive and hangouts can’t work anymore on a network behind pihole.
Whitelisting these hosts normaly solves the issue but in the new pihole version you can whitelist the hosts. You get a message it is succesful added and then looking in the whitelist it is there. Also looked at the blocklist and the host isn’t there but still the blocklist gets priority above the whitelist.
Disabling the lists solves the issue. Even then enabling them again.
Sorry no log files. I first solved the issue before creating a log file.



There is a known issue with whitelisting via web interface on some systems.
If you’re affected, use whitelisting on the command line (pihole -w).

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