Whitelist hulu? Roku app fails when trying to play advert

Title pretty much summarizes it, what do I need to add to my whitelist so hulu on roku shows adverts?

I don't have a Roku to test, but these two domains are the main ones Hulu uses:

Unfortunately, they also have a plethora of others. Here is just a sampling of ones I have discovered in my research:

Damn that is a lot, will give that a try and update with results when I have a chance. Thanks!

Sadly the same result... idk why the app just kicks back to the episode menu on Roku, the windows app just brings up a black background with a message saying the ad couldn't be loaded and kindly asks to deactivate an adblocker if in use. The content just continues after like 30 seconds.

You can use

sudo tail -F /var/log/pihole.log

to watch the domains being queried in real time so you can determine exactly what domain(s) may be causing the problem.

Will do