Whitelist entries added in external .conf files


I am not sure how Pihole currently whitelists individual domains, but is it possible to catch and exclude/whitelist items that are being loaded in from an external .conf file in the /etc/dnsmasq.d directory?

The items are in the following format: server=/something.com/

I am guessing that for this kind of purpose it would be down to the user to reference the whitelist and exclude the items before including them in a .conf file, but I just wanted to check on what is and isn’t possible.


Currently how whitelisting work is as follows

Gravity is run and a large list of domains is created preeventhorizon
duplicates are found and removed
whitelisted sites are checked against the list mentioned above and removed

the above process occurs at the end of every pihole -g run


This will be implemented in v4.1: https://github.com/pi-hole/FTL/pull/348