Whitelist / Blacklist Swappable Profiles

Today in a Pi-Hole installation, there is a single Whitelist and a single Blacklist. As an administrator, it would be helpful to have the ability to create "profiles" representing different Whitelists and Blacklists and have the ability to "swap profiles" on both a schedule, and on-demand from the UI.

Here is a use-case:
A user has Pi-Hole running on his or her home network at the router. This user uses the Internet for personal use, for work use, and for family use.

  • During the day, he requires access to various advertising and tracking websites because he works for a software company that integrates with them.
  • During the evening when young children are using the Internet, he does not want any pornography / warez / crypto available via the Internet. He also no longer wants advertising sites to track him during this personal time and wants the sites he used during the day to be blocked.
  • At night when the kids are in bed maybe he wants access to some pornography / warez / crypto sites for research purposes.

Today, Pi-Hole does not make that use-case easy because you would have to constantly be updating your whitelists and blacklists, or turn Pi-Hole off. If there were set profiles each containing a whitelist and blacklist which matched the user's needs and preferences, he or she could swap on-demand.

We are working on a feature which would solve this use case, that being the ability to enable and disable individual items on a whitelist or blacklist. You could set up a scheduled script to enable or disable these domains for you.

That’s good you’re already working on this feature. I hope you make it easy for the end user. When I hear that a use may be able to write a script, it sounds confusing for Joe User.

Partly implemented in v5.0 as Group Management represents requested "profiles". Time-based activation/deactivation not implemented yet.

Closing this FR and releasing votes.
If you support the idea of time based blocking please vote again here