Whitelist/Blacklist error

I’ve switched from lighttpd to nginx and now when I click on Whitelist link ou Blacklist and I have an error.
Same when I try to whitelist or blacklist a domain.

Expected Behaviour:

Display the list and/or add the domain to the list

Actual Behaviour:

Error saying:
Failure! Something went wrong, see output below:

(and there is no output)

Debug Token:


nginx is not supported as a Pi-hole web interface. There is an unsupported community guide you can try, or you can run nginx and lighttpd on different ports.


Thank you jfb for your input. That page didn’t really help to understand the underlying problem.
The whole website works without a problem, only the Whitelist/BlackList menu on the left.
How/where can I track the error the loading of that page produces ?
That will help me understand how I can fix it.