What is my Docker Pi-Hole's unique IP address

I have installed Pi-Hole one docker, and it doesn't have the port 80. And there are several applications running on the same IP, so that IP won't work. How should I set up the Pi-Hole such that I have a DNS address to use? I can't find it anywhere on the web interface.
Thank you

I am not sure what your actual issue is.

Trying to adopt Pi-hole's Quick Start sample configuration for Docker may be helpful.

I couldn't allocate the port 80 to PiHole and was hoping that there is a way to generate a virtual IP address that may be used as DNS in other systems and the router.

You can publish ports, depending on your configuration.
Docker has a few different network modes.

If you are using the default network mode (bridge), you can add -p nnnn:80 to your docker run command or compose file to allow forward port 80 from your container to port nnnn on your host.

Another way is to use macvlan network. This is a little more advanced configuration, but will give an exclusive IP address to your container.

Did you actually try that Quick Strat sample configuration as linked above?

Please share your docker compose or your Docker run script.

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