What is best practice for static setting of domains hosts file style in docker?

Hi, noob to pi-hole, enthusiast level sysadmin. Running pi-hole docker in UnRaid 6.7.2.

Question, what is the best practice for specifying specific ip4 IPs (in this case local) for domains in pi-hole run in a docker.

Scenario is I have custom domain with several subdomains, publicly they point to my public ip, inside my network I need them to point straight to the server - pi-hole seems the logical place to do that.

In the appdata folder I notice a file called local.list but I couldn’t find the equivalent of /etc/hosts. Is that the right place to put them?

local.list definitely does not solve my problem. My domains still resolves to my routers public IP address. Surely I can’t be the only person who wants to resolve internally hosted domains?