What happens to current IP addresses, if I have Pi-Hole as DHCP server?


I just installed Pi-Hole on my Raspberry Pi and I am thinking about setting Pi-Hole as a DHCP server. However, I presently have many devices for which IP addresses are reserved on my Netgear modem. If I use the same IP address range for Pi-Hole, will the IP addresses on my devices remain unchanged? I know I will need to reserve IP address for the devices on Pi-Hole, too. Thanks. Elliott



They will retain the same IPs as the devices will renew the existing lease. However, you WILL have to use the IP reservation option within Pi-hole in order to avoid allocation of a needed IP when one of the devices does not renew the IP (due to a power outage or any other reason).

Once your Pi-hole starts handling the leases, the devices will show under the DHCP option.

From that point on, it is easy to add them to the reservation list from the same place.

It will capture the MAC address, IP and allow you to specify the name.



Thank you! Haven’t used this for more than 24 hours and I think it is brilliant!