Weird hostname resolution

Do you still see that firetv-livingroom hostname in Pi-hole's Query Log?

If so, what's the IP associated with it - gets shown when you hover over the name with your mouse?

Once you have that, try a reverse lookup for that IP:

nslookup <IP-address>

It doesn't appear that anything is cached, at least not on the Pihole. Pi-hole doesn't have that domain name.

A client is requesting the domain. Pi-hole could not resolve the domain, so it forwarded it to an upstream DNS server. The upstream server could not resolve, so it returned NXDOMAIN.

You changed your DNS settings so the request won't go to an upstream server. Then you requested this domain from the Pi-hole, and it was unable to provide the answer, because it does not know the answer.

The requesting client at has the domain name, and is the one making the requests for the IP of that client. Pi-hole does not know the IP, thus cannot answer.

ok. One more question.

On my previous install of 4.4 which I basically rebuilt with the 5.0 beta I had to create a custom conf. file in etc/dnsmasq.d where I entered my two domains of iot and home with their respective forward and reverse entries like so:


I was under the impression that this was the same as having two entries in the conditional forwarding setting in pihole. Now there is a Custom DNS/Local DNS Records setting where I can enter more than one domain/IP. Are these settings related at all? Maybe that's where I'm confused. If I set a domain in conditional forwarding for my iot network it now starts to resolve correctly to the actual hostnames. If I add that to the Local DNS Records page it does nothing.

Is the Custom DNS/ Local DNS Records setting something different?

Edit: I'm starting to think that the Local DNS Records setting is for hostnames and they get copied to /etc/pihole/custom.list and this basically replaces /etc/hosts.

Is this statement true?

No, these are not related.

Conditional Forwarding, as achieved by the dnsmasq options you quoted above, instruct pihole-FTL to forward queries matching a certain domain (e.g. home above) to a certain IP (e.g. above).

Local DNS Records instruct pihole-FTL to answer DNS requests for a given name with a given IP address.

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Just an FYI, I wouldn't use .local as an internal TLD. It's already used by mDNS, so if you have other devices on the network that are using mDNS discovery it's going to conflict.

It's likely stale DNS on the UDM, I had it on my USG