Want to have a working blocking page with a secure ssl https, http

HI everyone i'm not such an expert, it was to ask if it will be possible to have a custom blocking page working on pihole, with nginx server. Actually I have a dns which holds the pihole admin on domain(rvpn.hopto.org), and my intention is to get a working blocking page on a domain (rvpn.hopto.org),and in a secure way, with an encrypted certificate (ssl ).Thanks everyone, as i'm new, I will love, if possible to have all the steps to making it to work.

The block page served by Pi-hole's IP blocking modes only ever worked for unsecured HTTP sites. It became obsolete with the proliferation of HTTPS, and it is likely to be removed with a future release of Pi-hole.

What you ask for would require you to forge SSL certificates, effectively conducting an MITM attack.

Even if you'd manage to do so, those attempts would be thwarted by web servers and clients using certificate pinning.

Thanks for everything, i will try to get a ssl certfificate for my localhost and then trying to do the blocking page. But thank you for everything.

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