VPN Pi-Hole?


Hello everyone! Recently I have installed my own Pi-Hole to my wifi, and I was looking around the web and I noticed you could create your own VPN with this and use it on a public wifi and be encrypted and have no adds, I have been trying to set this up to my PI for a while now but could not figure it out. Could anyone here help me run through the commands, thanks!

EDIT: I don’t know if this helps, But I already have my Pi-Hole set up and working on my main pc.


Here we go.

Follow this official guide and you should be set :slight_smile:



Sorry to bother, but should I leave the network interface to the default, then wouldn’t it mess up the Pi-Hole interface?


No it will not. the VPN will be installed on it’s own (tun) interface. If you want VPN with added Pi-hole adblocking, you will have to update the listening interface on the Pi-hole Settings/DNS page to the One hop or possibly all.

Follow the guide and you will get answers and configuration steps.


Alright, thanks for your help ill get this all setup now!


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