VLAN Access on second SubNet

Started experimenting with VLAN on my router. The second LAN obviously gets a different subnet although the router seems to be available via both IP addresses.

Does Pi-Hole still operate on the virtual LAN or does it just go to me second listed DNS as set in my router configuration?

Geoff Lane

@Geffers Unless your router is configured to route traffic between VLANs, the Pi-hole will not be reachable from hosts on the VLAN that is not hosting the Pi-hole. Not all brands of routers default to allow inter-VLAN traffic. In such cases, you would need to establish LAN firewall rules to allow the DNS requests to reach the Pi-hole.

Only just looked at VLAN, I recall an option for isolate but cannot see any edit option to alter this. Thought the main purpose of VLAN was to separate groups of devices so shall have to investigate router settings. There are quite a few settings but is a fairly basic TP-Link TD-W9970


I took a quick look at the user manual for this router and I didn't come across anything that says this router supports VLANs on the LAN side ... so, I'm not sure that this will work for you.

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