Visiting local area adresses 192.168.X.X loads 10-60 seconds


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Expected Behaviour:

Since it is within LAN it should load ~1-5 s. Clicking on anything of the webinterface takes a lot of time to load, same goes for the router. I think it is somehow a DHCP server issue? Pihole is my DHCP server, nothing else runs on it. The average load is neglible ~0, memory usage <10%.

Actual Behaviour:

Takes a long to open programs hosted on LAN, also going to router settings loads painfully slow. Any website on LAN is slow. Acessing WWW also feels slower, but not sure though.

Debug Token:



When you go directly to an IP address, the DNS server is not involved and hence cannot have any effect.


That’s just bad wording, I meant to ask if it was isolated from using pihole as DHCP server.
I think the DHCP server is acting up.


When you go directly to an IP address, neither the DNS nor DHCP server are involved. Only the routers and switches in your network which actually connect you to the correct device.


Sounds fair, but all that is on my network is the modem router. I guess it is dying, I asked for a replacement. It also happens when I browse to the localhostname i.e. mycomputer.local, but given that the problem occurs when I use the local IP (direcT) it shouldn’t be too strange that it also happens when using the localhostname.


Considering a new routermodem fixed the long loading times, I think something was dieing inside my old one.
Consider this issue a hardware issue and fixed. Thanks everyone!


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