VirtualHere problem with Pi-Hole?

Hi, I have Pi-Hole working on a RasPi3, and in the main it is working very well for all of the devices on my LAN. Just one issue that I can't understand.
I have Homeseer 4 (Win10 pc) running a USBUIRT (IR transmitter/receiver). It's a USB device, but I have it working remotely on my home LAN by using VirtualHere (Remote USB device on the LAN) on a RasPi1 (IP:7575) which allows me to use a IR remote control to control my home theatre equipment via Homeseer.
This worked well until I installed Pi-Hole. Now VirtualHere client on the Homeseer pc stops at irregular intervals and re-starts itself. Unfortunately Homeseer will then ignore it until I restart Homeseer.
I know it started acting up when I installed Pi-Hole, but I can't see how Pi-Hole could affect it unless it is regularly trying to call back to base (Australia) maybe to verify a licence status.
I've had a look for the (static) IP in the Pi-Hole log, but didn't see it there. Any ideas what I need to look for ?

Use the query log to verify Pi-hole does not block any domain the device needs to resolve to work properly.

These tools can help you determine why an app isn't working properly

Thanks for the replies. I can't find it, so I will have a chat with VirtualHere to see if they know what it may be calling. I can't believe it failed on the same day I installed Pi-Hole, but stranger things have happened :face_with_head_bandage:

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