Version mismatch between GUI and SSH

Expected Behaviour:

Pi-hole should match both GUI and SSH version. This is on a new installation.

Actual Behaviour:

GUI version at the bottom of the page shows Pi-hole version and AdminLTE version as (Upgrade Available!)
When using SSH this is what it shows
pi@PiHole:~ $ pihole -v
Pi-hole version is Untagged (Latest: v4.2.2)
AdminLTE version is Untagged (Latest: v4.2)
FTL version is v4.2.3 (Latest: v4.2.3)
pi@PiHole:~ $

Debug Token:!

The info showed in the webinterface is determined by a cron running at a set time interval.
Just wait, it will change.

It’s a cosmetic error that does not affect the operation of Pi-hole. We’ll fix it in the next release.

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A possible solution found on reddit, read here

Latest version 4.3 takes care of this issue for good.
No need to tinker with settings or special configurations.

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