Use DNS to force youtube into restricted mode - and Pi-Hole

Thanks for the information! Yes, you will have to manually set the variable at the top of the script for YouTube SafeSearch. If you would like, you can open a pull request, and I will make the necessary changes. Also, please let me know about the blocklist that you are talking about. And it's Jayke "Jake" :slight_smile:

Jayke, can you set up a support system for your scripts and move that off this board please? GitHub has a great issue tracker and would help guide people to contribute to your project.


Please see here: Create YouTube Option/Remove hard-coded variables · Issue #1 · jaykepeters/PSS · GitHub

Pi-hole Safe Search has moved to the repo above. If you would like to further discuss, please do it on GitHub as recommended by @DanSchaper Thanks!

please open an issue: Issues · jaykepeters/PSS · GitHub