Use Apache If Lighttpd Is Not Installed But Apache Is


If Lighttpd is not installed but Apache is installed then, can you automatically use Apache as the default.
I am currently using pi-hole in ubuntu 18.04 with the newest Apache and it works without any problems.

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It is up to you to create the necessary configs to host the web interface on Apache. We do not plan on adding this feature because when the upcoming API is released, it will not require any external web server.


I have already managed to configure Apache to work with pi hole.
But, whenever i update or reinstall it still tries to install lighttpd, it would be great if it stopped doing this if Apache was installed.

Also, is there a branch i can use to try the new / developer release you mentioned.


There are deb packages available at, but you must be running the dev version of all other components. As it’s an in-progress development build, you may run into issues.


pihole checkout dev will move you to the development branch.

pihole checkout master will get you back.