URL in whitelist is still blocked


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Expected Behaviour:

Pi-Hole should follow whitelist and pass traffic to actual site

Actual Behaviour:

Despite site being in whitelist, query log shows site being Piholed.

To watch streaming Olympics coverage on my Roku, the NBC Sports app queries geo.nbcsports.com as part of the loading process. If it doesn’t get a response it likes it doesn’t load. Query log shows the site as being PiHoled even though I’ve whitelisted it several times. The only way to load the app is to disable PiHole for 30 seconds and then load the app.

Debug Token:



Unable to whitelist domain that is on blocklist

This is happening for me as well. coinbase.com as an example is whitelisted but is still being blocked. Debug token wm6l8e4tx2.



Happening with bet365.com for me - added it to the whitelist and flushed DNS but it’s still blocked.



OP here; maybe I should add that I upgraded Raspbian and Pi-Hole to latest versions over the weekend from a clean install. The Pi-Hole behavior was correct in the previous version (2.7? I forget) under Jessie.



I just saw another trouble report on this which prompted me to try something. When I attempt to surf to geo.nbcsports.com in a browser I get the following message:

Website blocked

Access to the following website has been denied:
This is primarily due to being flagged as:
Not found on any Blacklist
If you have an ongoing…(you know the rest)

Under Technical info:

This site is found in one of 10 lists:
[π]: whitelist.txt



The “nslookup” command is your friend.
If you use nslookup on a client PC (runs on Windows as well as Linux) , local caching on a client wont trouble you:

nslookup pi.hole

Or a naughty domain:

nslookup doubleclick.com

Both should resolve (the Name address field) to the Pi-hole IP address.

You can use the nslookup command to query any DNS server like for example the router IP or Google’s DNS server

nslookup doubleclick.com

Compared to:

nslookup doubleclick.com <PIHOLE_IP_ADDRESS>



Can you check the /etc/pihole/gravity.list and see if that domain is in the blocking list?

grep geo.nbcsports.com /etc/pihole/gravity.list


It returns geo.nbcsports.com
with the URL in red


Whitelist - acting as blacklist? V3.3.1

See here:

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