Updated to v4.3.2 now DHCP doesn't work SOLVED

I have my PI-Hole as a DHCP and its been working for this for over a half year.

But today when I updated to v4.3.2 so wont it hand out any IP to any device.Ive restarted both router and PI-Hole a few times but it wont give out a ip to any device.

I can connect to the network with static ip and add PI-Hole as dns and everyhing works perfect.Also connect thru pivpn and I can get out on internet.
pihole -r repairs but wont start pi-hole to give out any ip address.

Any advice on what I should do??

edit: Here are the debug.

edit 2: Ive changed back to my routers dhcp and have pi-hole as dns1 and nothing on dns2.
Its not blocking any ads anymore.

edit3: When I tell my router that pi-hole are the only dns there is all the pages fail to load.
All debug info on the pi-hole shows that everything is working as it should.
But when I try to use it nothing works.
Is there any way to rolback on to befor the update was applyed?
Or should I save my config and reinstall pi-hole?

I took the last option, saved all the configs and reinstalled PI-Hole.
Its now working normal again.

Still it would be good to know why ph-hole stoped to work lite this.
Also a option to save your configs once a week to a cloud drive would be a good feature :wink:

Regards Magnus Svensson

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