[UPDATE] The best blocking lists for the Pi-Hole + Alternative DNS servers 2019

Is the list down? Recently updated and saw this when it failed.

[i] Target: dbl.oisd.nl ()
[✗] Status: Connection Refused
[✗] List download failed: no cached list available

You will need to put https:// in front of that domain for Pi-Hole to load the list.

Weird, I didn’t catch that… I have had the list loaded for months now and after the latest pihole update it must have removed it… I just noticed in the terminal it failed so I went to investigate.

It is listed with the right URL let me check if it’s still failing

Edit: it’s working again must have just been a fluke, thanks for the help!

Great job man! Thanks a lot!

Do you still update this post? What’s about localized list (FR for example)?

Right now, in addition to yours, I use those lists:


##Cookies Notices

Thanks again for your work. :slight_smile:

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Here you have a collection of letters to Pi-Hole, I collected from various websites.

Thnx for this list!

I’m looking forward to see some more updates :smiley:

Can I Just put " https://github.com/kry008/PI-HOLE-AD-LIST-POLSKA/blob/master/lista.txt" into the Pi-hole Block list via web interface, or do I need to add each each Block list URL listed found in “lista.txt” separately?

I ask because the link is a “list of Block lists”. Will PI-hole block these urls or will it ingest all of the listed block lists respective txts ?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.




Note that if you get the raw version of the link you posted, you can copy and paste all the URL’s to your clipboard and paste the lot into the blocklist entry page on the web GUI at once - they don’t have to go individually. But, you can’t just put in the URL of the group of lists.

Edit - so, I did just those steps and there are many lists in that file that are no longer available. If you load the lists that do exist, you end up with 4,820,987 domains on blocklist, which seems a bit over the top. Plus, some of the lists are not properly formatted for Pi-Hole and contain entries like this (none of which are valid domains):


Use this batch of lists at your own peril.

This URL is no longer working.

I am new to pihole and seem cool and installed it and using it. with so many block list to add do i just keep adding them! what if it already exist, would it build a duplicate list unnecessarly, I can’t manually check if exist becaz its too much.
Is there a chance one block ip address from one list can exist on other list!

Would be nice if there is a single source who maintains all block lists ever so I can always update from them.

I thought setting up piHole with default settings would block ads in my youtube and tv apps (like nbc news app) by default but i did not see it blocked and i see lots of ads in youtube now a days then before and badly want to remove them.


Here this is cool thing it have only 3 file
Use less time to update gravity about 10 sec

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Thank you and I use that list on my Pi.

Block Microsoft & Nvidia Telemetry: https://encrypt-the-planet.com/downloads/hosts

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Those hblock ones do I just add those to pi-hole block list?

@Bill-Botaczek interesting, i cant even get into that site . blocked by many firewalls and even pihole blocks it …

Trying to track this down but my Pi-Hole is blocking me from logging into TurboTax. I can log in but the next screen just sits at a blue wheel spinning, until I power down my pi-hole then it comes up. Any one else have that issue with their current blacklists?

Not having an issue with my blacklists, but you may want to try changing the blocking mode you are using with Pi-hole. At least, temporarily, to help determine what is being blocked. By default, this mode is set to “NULL.” Try setting it to “IP.”

  • sudo nano /etc/pihole/pihole-FTL.conf

  • Change BLOCKINGMODE=NULL to BLOCKINGMODE=IP, and then, save the edited configuration file.

  • You should reboot your Pi.

The result of changing the mode is so that a blocking page will appear on the client with which domains are being blocked. You can then elect to whitelist any or all of them.

Ref: Blocking mode - Pi-hole documentation

After the reboot it’s not blocking, it seems like something was stuck in the cache of the Pi-Hole. I made the changes you mentioned above after it started working again.
It was a new laptop that I was trying to log in with so I knew it wasn’t on my end but I guess it was, just a little farther down the pipe.
Thanks for the quick response.

Here is some wisdom from Linuxreviews.
" If you are looking for a general host blacklist to use you’re best off sticking with a shorter one which focuses on advertisement and tracking servers and only advertisement and tracking servers. Every blacklist which attempts to go beyond that get some sites, or in the case of “fake news” all sites, wrong. It would also be mentioned that browser-based content filters are better suited for removing advertisements anyway; they can remove sub-folders like /ads/ without making the whole site unavailable."

I think the developers of PiHole have made some wise decisions and present us a nice collection of general purpose lists.
Extending those lists have the effect of both enhancing the blocking and reducing speed.
The relative gain is minimal.

An example of a very good blocking app is Privoxy, the counterside of using it is losing speed.