Update Pihole from Browser?

The issue I am facing: I set up my pihole a couple of years ago and it is working very well. I access the pihole through my browser 10.x.t.z/admin/. I notice at the bottom of the screen that there are alerts for updates. How do I update from the browser?

Details about my system: the pihole is set up on an RPi4. I have no idea what the password to my RPi is. Is it possible to update the pihole from the Browser or from the CLI on my PC?

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:

In the current version (V5.x) you don't. Updates are done from the host device terminal with pihole -up

Or, if you are running Docker, load the latest version.

As already answered: this is not possible from the Browser.

From the CLI, you will need to access your Raspberry Pi via SSH, but you will need the username and password to connect.

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