Update for Netgear Readynas 316


Just curious how to upgrade this build? The -up says something is missing. The bash script never completes and the person who built the package never answers messages and charges for each release.

Any ideas???


Hmm, yeah that’s not an official package. Currently we do not support readyNAS.

You may want to look into the Docker Pi-hole image, as from a cursory google it appears as though there may be some Docker support on ReadyNAS. BUT I’ve not looked into it too much, so you’ll need to do some research before diving in! (Unless you’re brave… but make sure you take backups first :wink:)


Do you have a link to this package?


@DJ-BrianC, I’ve just come accross this, which may be of some use to you if you’re running ReadyNAS OS 6.



Thank you for that. Is docker something I have to install? I’ve only delt with .deb images uploaded thru web admin.

Brian Caouette


This might get you started!

By the way, when you replied by email, it appears that you have your phone number in the signature, we’ve edited that out of this post on Discourse so that you don’t get any rando’s calling you up! :wink: