Undo functionality for whitelist/blacklist operations

When adding or removing a domain from the whitelist or blacklist from the Query Log, Whitelist, Blacklist, or Audit Log pages, it should be easy to undo the addition/removal.

Use cases include:

  • accidentally pressing the Whitelist or Blacklist button on the wrong domain in the Query or Audit Log (undoing this currently requires you to go to the whitelist or blacklist page and find it, potentially having to look through multiple pages)
  • accidentally pressing the button to delete a domain from the Whitelist or Blacklist pages (there’s currently no way to even see what was deleted after a few seconds when the “domain deleted” dialog disappears)
  • manually adding a domain to the Whitelist or Blacklist page, but misspelled it
  • whitelisting or blacklisting a domain from the Query or Audit Log and then finding that it did not have the desired effect (e.g. broke functionality on a page or did not block an ad)
  • probably other use cases I haven’t thought of

Ideally, it should be as easy to undo any of these actions as it is to do them (which only takes one click on a button in most cases).