Unbound frequent restarts

today, and the last few days, it looks like this (the issues I'm trying to figure out)

status  count   unique  description
12      62      39      Retried query
14      1170    31      Already forwarded, not forwarding again

The 'Retried query' count, before the 'fix' was always a lot higher (database contains 1323 entries - MAXDBDAYS=8). Difficult to measure a diff, because, I assume it also depends highly on what your doing (websites visited) and how long (active browsing time) your doing it.

My prefix hasn't changed in the over a year. I assume they do this (not change the prefix) to be able to identify subscribers, as explained here. I have an XLS file, specifically to store IP info, just compared the prefix value with the real value, no change. I only need to reconfigure when my ISP kicks the modem or their IPv6 infra, which leads to an address change, but never the prefix.

This is another reason why I'm reasonably sure the configuration file, created by resolvconf, is in the wrong place, thus irrelevant.
The unbound docs says (open the link and search for forward-zone - only 2 matches):

A forward-zone entry with name "." and a forward-addr target will forward all queries to that other server (unless it can answer from the cache).

I may be wrong (usually when replying to you), but I feel, if this config file would be used, given the description from the docs, there would be a loop, since the address in the auto generated file is the address pihole-FTL is listening on, pihole-FTL forwards to unbound.

I fully agree an address change is a very good reason to send a SIGHUP to unbound, but the problem is, this happens, despite the fact the address hasn't changed (running address check every 30 minutes, using cron, functionality confirmed).

Not really sure this will be an issue, when using IPv4 only, is that why nobody ever noticed it before? Only fools and horses appear to be using IPv6, the general recommendation you can find all over the internet, is to disable IPv6 (the solution for a lot of problems). Remember you once said: "Not using IPv6? you will be missing out on a big part of the internet"... That's why I persist.