Unable to update Pihole

The issue I am facing: Unable to update pihole through "pihole -up" command. I have updated the apt caches and also tried release info fix. I keep getting this error ," [✗] Update local cache of available packages
Error: Unable to update package cache. Please try "sudo apt update"

Details about my system: I'm running pihole on a RPi 4 4GB model

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole: Nothing, it was the last thing I installed on my Raspbian and ever since only used apt-get update & upgrade options to keep the system in ship shape.

What was the complete output?

These problems are at the OS level, and until they are resolved the Pi-hole updater will not proceed. I recommend visiting the forums for your OS.

Yup, it was due to missing Public Keys. Fixed it and now it's updating and working properly.

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