Unable to update pi-hole docker


Hi there!
For some strange reason I’m unable to update the web interface and the FTL with the pihole -up command on my Synology DS916+ docker.
This is the message I’m receiving:

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Kind regards,

Dennis Schoenmaker


Hello, I’ve the same problem. In my scenario runs pi-hole in docker container (DS415+)
I tested and try it some differents docker images. (diginc-pihole, freenas-pihole and other) but overall the same problem with the update of pi-hole FTL and webinterface.

I hope short term we will get an necessary update of pi-hole developers.




The docker container is not supposed to be updated except through the normal Docker style updating. So you have to grab the new version of the container when it’s updated.


Pi-hole should be updated automatically when rebooting the container (–latest) but this is not working for some reason. I’ve got a lot of docker files running: NZBGet, Pi-Hole, Plex, Sonarr and Unifi Controller. All the other docker files are updated automatically when rebooted, but Pi-Hole isn’t. I’m using the diginc/pihole:latest version.