Unable to update Gravity

Expected Behaviour:

Running Pi-hole v5.2.4 on raspberry pi hardware, raspbian OS.
Expectation is to have Gravity updated.

Actual Behaviour:

_ When attempting to update gravity either via GUI or command line, i get an error. See the following output:


Debug Token:

_ https://tricorder.pi-hole.net/xzweoleae5 _

browsing to https://mirror1.malwaredomains.com/ takes you to Community Projects - RiskAnalytics. On that page there is a message:

Currently, both AutoShun and Malware Domains are shut off.  Subscribers will need to register below to continue receiving intel from those sources.

There is nothing wrong with your pihole, the list just isn't available anymore. Find some other list(s). This page (firebog) lets you choose a collection of lists that suits your needs (the ticked lists selection reduces the need to whitelist)


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