Unable to donate w/ Apple Pay

Was unable to donate via Apple Pay. Confirmed Apple Pay was working by visiting another site in same browser session. Javascript console revealed nothing interesting.


I an seeing the same thing as well. Running Safari on macOs Catalina.

Still seeing this on iOS as of today.

It was also requested on Reddit to add Google Pay too. People want to donate due to the V5 release!

Same here. When I tried a week or so ago, I got the “either your browser does not support Apple Pay or you do not have a payment method” error. Today, I can select the Apple Pay radio button and that error does not appear, but it just leaves me with the normal payment form with no confirmation button to actually pay.

Thanks for the post. I'm trying to battle the donation software again. It seems that if you chose any currency besides USD then Apple Pay shows the bar, but not for USD.

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The truly frustrating thing is that we are getting Apple Pay donations, so it's working some places. It's all very convoluted on the back end.

Can you try again? I get the Apple Pay bar now and it looks like a few payments have made it through.

Worked for me just now using USD.

Thank you!

(Of course, now it's not working with Safari on an iPad...)

was also able to donate this morning, thanks!


Thanks for donating and for bringing this to our attention.