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Expected Behaviour:

[When I run the pihole -up should update FTL v5.24 to FTL v5.25.1. Running on Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS]

Actual Behaviour:


Debug Token:


What is the complete output of the following command from the Pi terminal:

sudo apt update

The mongodb repository you have added is not configured correctly. Fix that and you should be able to update.

I'm new to all this so I don't know how to do it

We don't use mongodb for Pi-hole. Do you know why you have that software and itsapt repository installed?

Nope no clue on why should I just delete it?

Take a look at the packages which have been installed from that repository

cd /var/lib/apt/lists
ls -l

Identify the long filenames related to those mongodb repos and view them with

less xxx

where xxx is the repo filename as shown by that ls command. You can start typing the filename and use the Tab key to auto-complete it up to a point, then type a little more of it and use Tab again until it's all been auto-completed. Saves typing the whole thing out.

Once viewing in the less command you will see package names and you can use PgUp, PgDn etc to have a look at what is coming from there. This should hopefully give enough of a clue to work out what was installed which uses that repo. Then you can make a decision about it.

Is your pihole blocking the address?
dig repo.mongodb.org

repo.mongodb.org. 30 IN CNAME org.repo.release.build.10gen.cc.
org.repo.release.build.10gen.cc. 60 IN A
org.repo.release.build.10gen.cc. 60 IN A
org.repo.release.build.10gen.cc. 60 IN A
org.repo.release.build.10gen.cc. 60 IN A

this is what I got
repo.mongodb.org_apt_ubuntu_dists_jammy_mongodb-org_6.0_: No such file or directory

nope looks normal

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