Two Piholes in one network

I have bought second Rpi Zero W to my network. I would like to use both together one - Lan other Wifi.
Now I check that my Pihole on Rpi 3B+ scaning also Zero W. How can I disable this ?
What should I do for better config for both Piholes ?


I am confused here. Pi-Hole doesn’t scan anything.

If you use your router for DHCP, then implementing two Pi-Holes is quite simple. Put each on a different static IP, then list the IP’s of each of the Pi-Holes in the DNS settings of the router.

If you use an existing Pi-Hole as DHCP and want to add a second Pi-Hole, this is done differently.

Which situation applies to your network?

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thanks for reply. I wrote scan - english is no my native sorry for that. You of course right that Pi-hole doesn’t scan anything.
my situation is : I have USG - unifi in Lan I always use one Pi-hole in DNS. Now I want to use also second Pi-hole - RPi Zero W. The both of them I gave static ip. Problem is that first Pi-hole is connected by Lan and Second my wifi. I use router DHCP. To gate USG I have connect - Synology Mesh like AP.
Now I login to my first pihole and it shows me second pihole in top clients.
In Lan in USG I put piholes in DNS. For Synology AP in DNS I put - ip of my USG.
I hope that I explain well. I will be grateful for advice :slight_smile:

What upstream DNS servers have you selected in the second Pi-Hole? It appears that the second Pi-Hole is routing it’s DNS traffic to the first Pi-Hole.

This should not cause a problem. Each Pi-Hole connects to your network like any other client, regardless of whether the connection is wired or wireless.

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I have normal OpenDNS. Yes it looks that. What should I do ?

Is this an accurate sketch of your setup?

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yes it is my setup. is this correct ?

This setup will work fine, but it is not clear why Pi-Hole 2 shows as the top client on Pi-Hole 1.

Please generate debug logs from each of the Pi-Hole, upload them and post the two tokens here labeled to match the Pi-Holes.

I checked again my config and I found that AP had ip first Pi-hole not USG. Maybe here was problem. I change this and now I need some time to check.
I was sure that firstly I put ip Usg but probably AP took ip first DNS automatic. I hope that this resolve this situation if not I will generate dubug logs.

Many thanks and I check resolve this problem.