Treat different clients differently

I run PiHole on a Raspberry Pi, linked to a FritzBox (Internet router) sending all traffic from my house through PiHole.
And I love it. It works great, it filters a lot of unwanted stuff - all great.

Except... my wife hates it...
On her laptop surfing the Internet, she gets the occasional blocked site and keeps nagging me about it.
To the extend, that I would like to either have a personal whitelist for her client IP or disable all blacklists for her client IP.

I love the fact that all other devices must go through the PiHole. Sonos speakers, Amazon Alexas, TV sets, Soundbar, all the devices sending a lot of stuff to google and amazon which isn't necessary to run them.

Has PiHole some way to specify special rules or configs for one client?



No. A DNS request from any client is treated the same as a DNS request from any other client.

You do have several options, though.

  1. Manually assign your wife's laptop to a third party DNS (i.e. take this client off the Pi-Hole).

  2. Install a second Pi-Hole and assign your wife's laptop to this device. Enable the blocking page on that Pi-Hole and let her whitelist sites as desired.

Thank you so much for the super quick reply!
Not the answer I hoped for :slight_smile:
I think I'll send my wife's laptop to then by default.


You could also put a browser-based blocker on her laptop (uBlock Origin or similar). This can provide ad blocking with the ability to whitelist an entire site (the adblocker won't be active on that entire site).

Maybe, if you're also using unbound, look at this solution.

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