Tor slow or unresponsive while visiting website server on a LAN

The issue I am facing:
Tor slow or unresponsive while visiting the website server on a LAN.

Details about my system:
Armbian(webserver)&AP connected to 4G Modem with Ethernet. Connected to AP with macOS & Windows, surfing with Tor.

What I have changed since installing Pi-hole:
If I bypass Pi-hole and set my 4G modem as a DNS server the issue goes away.

Please generate a debug token with

pihole -d

or via web interface.

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Thanks for the replay yubiuser.
I'm running CLI version, don't have Web GUI.
This is pihole -d from the Ubuntu machine on a LAN, I have also tried running Pi-hole on the Armbian machine but the result with Tor is the same. The requested log is below:

(Moderator edit: Explicit Debug Log removed from public eyes, visible now to staff only - please consider uploading the log in the future and just provide the token.)

This doesn't seem related to Pi-hole.

It's not entirely clear whether you are simply trying to browse using TOR from your LAN, or whether you are trying to access a public website you are hosting on a machine in your LAN network from another machine in your LAN network

Regardless, the following holds true if you are using a public hostname to browse a website with TOR:
When you are surfing with TOR, DNS requests for public remote domains are not made by the client browser at all, but rather delegated to be performed by TOR's exit node (see also Tor Protocol Specification, 6.4. Remote hostname lookup).

If your connection seems slow, you probably are routed through a slow or overloaded node, or maybe a high latency one that is geographically far away from your actual location. And of course, the website you are visiting could also be overloaded, or even try to reject connections from an exit node.

You could try to improve access to or performance of a website by requesting TOR to establish a new circuit for that site (effectively asking TOR to use a different exit node).

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Oh, it crahed again without using Pi-hole. It has worked for a moment and died again.
My server has it's adress on freeDNS and SSL security as well. So I'm accessing website that is in public i guess. So, I start in a LAN, than I connect to Tor network with Tor browser, visit my website that is in public and in my LAN, webserver from LAN than sends data to Tor network and than back to my Tor browser. The idea is that I see my website from WAN and to see if it works on a WAN and not only in LAN. So, the probelm is just that Tor is slow and loses packets like crazy?

I would inquire on a Tor forum.

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