Top Clients (total) shows different results on Synology Docker, Debian Bullseye and DietPi

Hi pi-hole experts,

I have noticed that pi-hole Top Clients (total) does not give the same results, on the Synology Docker it gives no much information, on the Debian Bullseye it gives client host names and on DietPi it displays some IP numbers.

Why is this ?

I'm testing pi-hole on three different devices:

  1. Synology DSM7.1 with Docker.
  2. Debian Bullseye
  3. DietPi on Pine64 SBC (this pi-hole is a Backup for as 1 or 2 goes offline)

Here some pictures as you better see what I meant:

Synology: Docker Tag 2022.12.1 Pi-hole v5.14.2 FTL v5.20 Web Interface v5.18

Debian Bullseye: Pi-hole v5.14.2 FTL v5.20 Web Interface v5.18

DietPi on Pine64: Pi-hole v5.14.2 FTL v5.20 Web Interface v5.18

Why does the pi-hole on the Synology Docker give so very little Top Clients (total) information, does anyone recognise this and is there a solution to correct this ?

Can some explain why on the Debian and DietPi gives also different results ?

Thanks in advance !

In your docker instance, it appears that the IP information from the originating clients is being stripped out. This is something happening at the Docker container level.

When clients have multiple DNS servers available, they are free to use any of them at any time. In this case, some of the clients are using the DietPi instance, and some are using the Debian instance. This is normal when you have parallel Pi-holes operating.

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This IP ( is the internal docker IP used by bridge network.
There is some NAT/routing hiding the clients IPs.

I think you could try to use macvlan network.

When using this type of network, each container can get a DHCP address directly from a common server, as the host would do.
This means the container will have its own IP on the same network as the host (192.168.1.X in your case) and no port forwarding is needed.

To use macvlan there are a few extra steps you need to execute (but only once).

There are many articles on the internet explaining how to use it.
Here are a few examples:

I have created a MACVLAN for the Synology Docker and now the IP's are showing in Top Clients.

Thanks for the help !

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