Tool to reduce the number of adlists?


First: please excuse my writing, English isn't my native language.
I am using pihole for a while, and with the time the number of adlists became bigger and bigger.
Now are nearly 300 lists in the query, and I am shore that the half of them are dispensable.
But how to find these dispensable lists ?

I have an idea, but I'm no more a programmer.
A tool should take all the lists and list them after the number of domains on this list.
Then it takes all domains from the biggest list and puts them into a query list.
After that, it put the second-biggest list and puts all domains into the list
When there are no new queries in this list, the name of the list is marked to delete.
And so on, till the list of is completely checked.

Is this idea practical?
Who can program this?

Best regards from Switzerland

Go to Tools > Update Gravity. Stay on that page while it is updating. It will take some time. This will update the blocklist database from the lists that are working.

Once it is finished go to Adlists and select Show All entries. You can see which lists are no longer working because they have an alert icon next to their checkbox. Use the red delete icon at the end of the line to delete these.

After this you might be interested in @yubiuser's Adlist Tool which will analyse your lists.


Thank you, this was very impressive!
The Adlist-Tool made much more than I hoped.
It took some time to clean the adlists, but the gravity-updates will be very much faster
I still have the same number of domains in adlists (14'843'092), but the number of adlist is reduced from 286 to 22! Nearly 77 % of the adlists were dispensable!

Best regards

With that high number of blocked domains the chances of over- blocking are really high. On the other hand, you likely will never visit 13M of your domains. If you want to go for such a restrictive approach, you should honestly consider blocking everything and whitelist the few thousand domains you really visit.

More likely never visit 14,833,092 of them.

You are right.
The number of blacklists has grown with my network, with smartphones, smart TV (more than 30'000 requests each day by google and, weather station, etc.
When I had problems, I added the suitable adlists to the pihole, and it worked.
Till the gravity update became boring. :wink:
I tried with a whitelist, but this was more complicated in the beginning.

Unfortunately, I have to schedule my energy, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is a very boring disease, and the Adlist Tool helped me a lot.
It's sometime hard, to not choose the best solution but the simplest, because body and brain don't allow more.

Thanks for all your answers, and your great help you are doing here!
Best regards

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