#1 is a website that lets me listen to youtube and make playlists without the videos. It works when I don’t use pihole but not when I use it. I am assuming that I have blocked something that is interfering with the functionality of the page. The problem is I don’t know how to figure out which domain I need to unblock. I don’t get the typical “You cant get to this page because of the following blocked domains:” It just won’t play music or search or do anything after the page loads. Anyone, please help.


Would you be so kind to share which block lists you are using?


basically all of the lists mentioned on this page:
Thanks for responding, I really appreciate it…


It could be or a site being blocked.
You could query them in the Pi-Hole IP on /admin/queryads.php to narrow in down.


I had a few hits when I queried I whitelisted both of the sites you mentioned but to no avail responds the same as it did before…

#6 works for me. These are the domains that aren’t blocked…


Anudeep, Thank you very much, I can finally listen to music while I work again! What a relief! I whitelisted the domains that you mentioned and it works as desired now! How did you determine which ones I had blocked that you did not?? Also, it would be really awesome if there was a way to sort the lists(blocklist, whitelist, blacklist) by most recently added.


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:
I also have a list of commonly whitelisted domains, it can be helpful if you’re blocking millions of domains.