Text Change on the Settings/DNS page

Hi Guys,

Can I suggest that the wording on:

  • the above page
  • in the "Use Conditional Forwarding" section
  • over the IP Text input box

be changed from

"IP of your router"


"IP of your DHCP Server"

I took the title of the textbox to be the definitive requirement and as my DHCP server (on a Domain controller) does not run on my router (remote access machine) I ended up pointing at the wrong IP address.

The change would clarify the usage.

Many thanks in advance
Ian Carson

I'm not convinced. Pi-hole is a commonly used project for users never having working with networking, it may be even their first Raspberry Pi or even their first Linux project. It is not all that likely that they know what a DNS server is. However, they typically know what a router is.

That's corect.
But if those in the know would appreciate DHCP mentioned, why not present both in the label, e.g.:
IP of your router / DHCP server

Why not "IP of your router / Authoritative DNS server" then? That's the key item, the DNS server that is authoritative for the zone. Doesn't have to be a router or a DHCP server.

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@DanSchaper I think your suggestion best meets my concerns over the wording. The key to my solution was to ensure that the IP of the Domain Primary DNS server was used (which was also the DHCP Server)

Okay, Router / Zone DNS server may be better and less "technical"?

Has been implemented with the improved conditional forwarding section in v5.1

It now stats "IP address of your DHCP server (router)"