Support for CNAME next to host-record

I noticed that there new support for host-record in development It would be nice to also support CNAME to make restricted search possible.,,,,,

It is not in the future database so groups is not possible.

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How I see it working:

You could then think about the two entry fields for host-record and IP address. Then a bigger field in which you can past the CNAME domains or just type them in. This is optional because you don’t always want to add CNAME entries.

Pi-hole will then in add them to the config file and put “cname” in front of the list and attach as last the host-record. So a working entry is created and you don’t have to hack’ into the files’in /etc/dnsmasq.d for this anymore.

Progress on that

I don't think that what I intended. The hostrecord is in a Pihole file and cname in a dnsmasq file.

If it works together has to be seen.