Strange Random FQDN Queries

Hello -

Ever since I did a reset of my Pi-Hole setup and got everything in-line, I’m noticing these quasi-random domain names being queried from hosts all over my network - my PC and laptop, Amazon Fire tablets, and one of our phones. The domains sometimes don’t resolve to anything, and when they do they resolve to a registrar that points to the Bahamas. Since these are fully qualified .com domains, I don’t believe this is the same mechanism as the Chrome ISP ad blocking mechanism because that queries pure gibberish instead.

I’ve added these to the Blocklist as they come up, and it seems that it’s either getting worse as a result or the DNS names it queries mutate every so often, I blocked four a couple of days ago, when I checked today there were a fresh three being queried.

Any ideas what these could be? I did not have any luck at all trying to trace these back to the requesting applications on my main PC - furthest I could get was Wireshark and other similar utilities that could show me the query going out from the DNS service, but the actual application requesting it was a mystery.

Thank you!